Public Printer Instructions

All customers need to do is email their document to the address on the printer placard. They get a link mailed back to them. They click on it to open it up in their browser where they can set print options and set up an account (and pay). This is through partnering with "Print With Me". We don't take any money. All we need to do is put paper and toner in the machine (they'll call us to let us know). 

Their customer support number is: 773-797-2118

There's a sheet with instructions you should read. There's one taped inside the kitchen door on the bulletin board (Wheat Ridge) or on the schedule board next to the oven (Broadway). It's also just below, so please read it now.

Paper is found on the tiny metro rack just outside the office (Wheat Ridge), or in very far corner of the pantry (Broadway). Make sure it is the 25lb bright white Hammermill paper.

Quick Info:

What is PrintWithMe?

PrintWithMe is an easy to use, public document printer available to you and your guests.

How does it work?

1.     Attach documents (.pdf, .doc, etc.) to an email

2.     Send that email to your printer’s email address (found on printer signage)

3.     We’ll shoot back a reply email, click the “Continue to Checkout” link in our response

4.     Select formatting options (number of copies, color or black & white)

5.     Enter payment details

6.     Select “complete order & print now”

What can be printed?

Documents (PDF, PPT, XLS, DOC, DOCX; most popular file types) on standard sized 8.5” x 11” paper. Printing PDF’s generally returns the best results.

How much does it cost?

Customers will always see the cost of their job on the checkout page before they print / are charged. Generally, the cost to print / scan / copy are as follows:

·       Page 1: $0.99

·       Page 2,3,4… $0.19 - $0.99, with the price decreasing with each additional page.

Print / Scan / Copy / Fax?

Most locations have a printer only – scanning / copying / faxing is only available at locations with a larger multi-function device. Not sure which you have? If the device is flat on top you have a printer; if your machine has a scanner on top it can print as well as scan, copy, and fax.

Can users bring their own paper?

No. The printer should only be used with the paper supplied by PrintWithMe. Using non-approved paper greatly increases the chance of a jam, whereas heavy cardstock WILL BREAK the printer.

What if it takes a while to print?

Depending on the size of the files sent and the speed of your internet connection, it can take a minute or two for a document to print. If it takes longer than that give us a call and we’ll investigate.

Paper Refilling

·       PrintWithMe provides paper. You should always have enough to fill your printer with an extra ream “on deck”. We’ll send more when our records indicate your supply is running low.

·       If we notice that your printer has run out of paper we’re give you a call and ask that you top it off from the provided reserve.

·       When topping off paper it is important to avoid not overfilling as this will lead to a jam.

·       Bonus points are awarded to café’s that incorporate quickly checking and topping off paper into their weekly routines…

Toner Refilling

PrintWithMe will send you replacement toner cartridges before they run out. If you see a “Low Toner” message on the printer, please contact to confirm we have sent your cartridge.

User Helpline

Have a customer with a question about printing? Send them our way. Users should contact PrintWithMe directly for any inquires: or the hotline below.

Customer Service Line

If you have any questions or need anything at all with regards to your printer, give us a shout at 773-797-2118 and we’ll be happy to help (generally available during business hours and intermittently on weekends (when print volume is generally low)).