Prepararing to serve:

Use guillotine style bagel cutter to cut - DO NOT CUT WITH A KNIFE.

Put halves in toaster, turn browning control to 3.5 or 4, push carriage lever down, and then push the “Bagel” button.

Serve with a single butter (included in price), or cream cheese ($.50 extra). Customer may request a second butter for free.

Preparing to sell:

Every night:
If there are any leftover bagels from the day feel free to take them home, or wrap them and leave them for other staff. Record the number of bagels and type in the waste reporting system. Rosenberg’s does not allow the sale of day-old bagels.

Clean out the bagel display case.

Grab a variety of them from the freezer (10) and put them in the bagel display case. Put the display case on top of the refrigerated display case (Broadway), or on the very end of the counter facing the door (Wheat Ridge). The amount of bagels put out daily may be adjusted once we have an idea of what sells where.

By morning the bagels will be defrosted and ready to sell.

About the Bagels:

Rosenberg’s is in Denver. In figuring out how to replicate the New York City water that makes their bagels one-of-a-kind, Joshua and his Rosenberg’s family provide you with soft and chewy, right out of the oven bagels.